Constructing a house or overseeing a project is an exhilarating and challenging undertaking. We consider it a great privilege to be involved in this significant process, and we strongly believe that the project process should be an enjoyable experience that leverages its inherent potential.

Our company's operations commenced in 1973 in the planning, supervision, and execution fields, with the planning and consulting branch dominating our services at that time. Over the past 15 years, we have diversified our company's operations by specializing in the management and execution of diverse and special projects. We have since established a prominent presence in the Israeli luxury construction industry.

Our focus in this field has grown, and we have established a distinguished client base that values quality. Thus, SABA STONES was established, leveraging our vast knowledge and experience in planning, supervision, consultant and supplier management, and subcontractors who also act as partners in the process.

SABA STONES has been involved in numerous successful projects, including the renovation and construction of medical departments in private hospitals in the north, notably a department for MRI in full coordination with Philips and various medical equipment suppliers. Additionally, we have collaborated with the best architects in Israel and worldwide to construct and renovate luxury villas for private entrepreneurs.

Moreover, we specialize in the construction of penthouses using lightweight construction to circumvent foundation constraints in old buildings and other reasons. Our expertise allows for the use of advanced technological solutions for insulation, systems, and finishes while maintaining high quality in every detail and precise management of resources, including adherence to schedules.

We have also been responsible for final works on high-tech offices in Haifa and its environs, most notably Augury company's project, which was executed in collaboration with architect Levav Shahar. In recent years, we have expanded our operations, deepened our expertise as performance contractors and professional project managers while improving our quality. We have also embarked on projects in Greece, including boutique hotels and luxury villas on the islands of Santorini and Paros.

Our initiation process entails defining the project vision, managing business processes, selecting suitable consultants, and perfecting the construction process.

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